Recent Submissions

  • Symphony : new paintings 2022 - 2024 

    Doyle, Lucy (Tigroney PressIE, 2024-02-20)
    When I started working on this collection in 2022, I envisaged four large paintings each symbolizing a season, my idea of a visual symphony. The other works augment and develop this theme of celebrating the year in a ...
  • Coloratura 2022 

    Doyle, Lucy (Tigroney PressIE, 2023-02-22)
    Coloratura 2022: Sharing my painting life and new work. A collection of paintings by artist Lucy Doyle celebrating 40 years of painting with this special collection. 'At the beginning of a new collection of paintings I ...
  • Seasons: New Paintings 

    Doyle, Lucy (Tigroney PressIE, 2021-10-31)
    Seasons A collection of new paintings "Seasons" is a collection of paintings that represents a year in my life. I started work on the collection in the Summer of 2020, the last painting completed in June 2021, with ...
  • Viridian: New paintings 

    Doyle, Lucy (Tigroney PressIE, 2020-10-01)
    Viridian: A collection of new paintings I have been working on these paintings since early 2019 following on from my previous solo show Blue Moon. Since then I have been playing around with all that is green; hence the ...
  • Persephone 

    Doyle, Lucy (Tigroney PressIE, 2020-01-08)
    Persephone was the 2010 solo exhibition of paintings by the artist Lucy Doyle known for her colourful interiors and flower paintings. She writes, I have found my source of inspiration from Greek mythology. It is the story ...
  • Blue Moon 

    Doyle, Lucy (Tigroney PressIE, 2019-01-03)
    This catalogue represents the recent work by the colourist Lucy Doyle. In this latest solo show at the Doorway Gallery, Dublin in May 2019, called Blue Moon she exhibits 24 new oil paintings which she started in late 2017 ...
  • Feast 

    Doyle, Lucy (Tigroney PressIE, 2017-06-01)