Recent Submissions

  • Ireland Long-term Maximum and Minimum Air Temperature Dataset (ILMMT) 

    Mateus, Carla; Potito, Aaron; Curley, Mary (Met ÉireannIE, 2020-05-06)
  • Ireland's pre-1940 daily rainfall data 

    Ryan, Ciara; Walsh, Seamus; Curley, Mary; Murphy, Conor; McGovern, Rhonda (Met ÉireannIE, 2020-01-16)
    This dataset is under embargo until 31st Jan 2021. To request access during the embargo period, please contact Ciara Ryan
  • Long term (1850-2010) Island of Ireland Precipitation (IIP) network 

    Noone, S.; Murphy, C.; Coll, J.; Matthews, T.; Mullan, D.; Wilby, R.L.; Walsh, S. (Met ÉireannIE, 2015-09)
    This zip file contains data and metadata for the Long term (1850-2010) Island of Ireland Precipitation (IIP) network. There are 25 files, NAME.csv, containing monthly rainfall totals for each station in the network, each ...
  • Long-term climate averages for Ireland 1981 - 2010 

    Walsh, Séamus (Met ÉireannIE, 2012)
    This dataset contains two zipped files. The first zip file (IE_RR_8110_V1) is the 1981-2010 rainfall grids. This file contains monthly, seasonal and annual 1981-2010 Average Rainfall on a 1x1km grid. Coordinates are Irish ...