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    • Development of acquired resistance to lapatinib may sensitise HER2-positive breast cancer cells to apoptosis induction by obatoclax and TRAIL. 

      O'Driscoll, Lorraine; Eustace, Alex J.; Conlon, Neil T.; McDermott, Martina S.J.; Browne, Brigid C.; O'Leary, Patrick; Holmes, Frankie A.; Espina, Virginia; Liotta, Lance A.; O'Shaughnessy, Joyce; Gallagher, Clair; Rani, Sweta; Madden, Stephen F.; O'Brien, Neil A.; Ginther, Charles; Slamon, Dennis; Walsh, Naomi; Gallagher, William M.; Zagozdzon, Radoslaw; Watson, William R.; O'Donovan, Norma; Crown, John (2018)
      Background: Lapatinib has clinical efficacy in the treatment of trastuzumab-refractory HER2-positive breast cancer. However, a significant proportion of patients develop progressive disease due to acquired resistance to ...