Recent Submissions

  • A preliminary econometric investigation of the irish housing-market, 1969-1976 

    Kenneally, Mf; Mccarthy, Jv (Economic & Social StudiesDUBLIN, 1982)
    Precis: Recent modelling developments in the housing economics literature are reviewed and drawn on to construct a national housing model for Ireland. The model is estimated on quarterly data over the' period 1969-1976. ...
  • In-migration to irish cities and towns, 1970-71 

    Hourihan, K (Economic & Social StudiesDUBLIN, 1982)
    Precis: Cities and towns played an important role in internal migration and immigration in Ireland in 1970-71. Gross migration rates were strongly related to estimates of the employment increases in the centres over the ...
  • Birth under-registration in the republic-of-ireland during the 20th-century 

    Coward, J (Economic & Social StudiesDUBLIN, 1982)
    Precis: The efficiency of birth registration in Ireland is investigated in this article by comparing the number of registered births with Census age-distributions in the period 1916-1971. It is argued that there was a ...