Recent Submissions

  • The cross-channel migration of Irish travelers 

    Gmelch, George; Gmelch, Sharon Bohn (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 1985)
    Until the late 1950s, Irish Travellers lived primarily in rural areas and travelled within relatively confined areas. With the urbanisation of the last quarter century, their traditional sources of income have dried up and ...
  • Clientelism and careerism in Irish local-government - the persecution of civil-servants revisited 

    Collins, C.A. (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 1985)
    The relationship between elected politicians, local civil servants and the public has been a standard topic of Irish political science for decades. The usual characterisation of the relationship between the voter and the ...
  • The strike-proneness of public-sector organizations 

    Kelly, Aidan; Brannick, Teresa (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 1985)
    Through the use of a unique and original data bank on Irish strike data, this paper analyses strike trends at a disaggregated level, using degree of organisation involvement in strikes as the focal point of analysis. We ...