Recent Submissions

  • Employment and life-satisfaction: insights from Ireland 

    Brereton, Finbarr; Clinch, J. Peter; Ferreira, Susana (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2008)
    Mainstream neoclassical economics takes it as given that the consumption of goods and services (output) is positively related to well-being. Work (labour-input) is assumed to be negatively related to well-being at the ...
  • How reliable is the Quarterly National Household Survey for migration research? 

    Barrett, Alan; Kelly, Elish (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2008)
    Much research has been conducted on immigration into Ireland in recent years using data from the Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS), the official source for labour market data in Ireland. As it is known that the ...
  • Book review: Interrogating Irish policies / by William Kingston. Dublin: Dublin University Press, 2007. 

    Barry, Frank; Kingston, William (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2008)
  • Job turnover in Irish manufacturing 1972?2006 

    Lawless, Martina; Murphy, Alan P. (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2008)
    With the recent slowdown in global economic growth, there has been considerable focus in Ireland on some high-profile job losses, particularly in the manufacturing sector. This paper places such developments into a broader ...
  • Making globalisation work 

    Stiglitz, Joseph E. (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2008)
    My topic for this Geary lecture is `Making Globalisation Work. A question I am often asked is ? how did I come to write my book entitled Making Globalisation Work? It was said: ?You have complained enough. What would you ...