Recent Submissions

  • Unemployment, welfare benefits and the financial incentive to work 

    Layte, Richard; Callan, Tim (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2001)
    Although disincentive effects associated with payments have been regulaly found in research in the US and UK, the UK research is disputed and effects have been notable by their absence in studies from Continental Europe. ...
  • School quality and staying-on in Northern Ireland: resources, peer groups and ethos 

    McVicar, Duncan (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2001)
    The paper examines career choice at age 16 in Northern Ireland using micro data for young people completing compulsory education in 1993. Explanatory variables include resource related school characteristics, ethos-related ...
  • Trends in Irish fertility rates in comparative perspective 

    Fahey, Tony (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2001)
    This paper examines trends in Irish fertility rates over the past four decades in the context of fertility trends in developed countries generally. Irish fertility rates have stabilised at the upper edge of the European ...