Recent Submissions

  • The expectations hypothesis of the term structure: the case of Ireland 

    Cuthbertson, Keith; Bredin, Don (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2000)
    Using a number of short-term maturities and monthly data, 1984-1997, we provide a number of tests of the expectations hypothesis (EH) of the term structure. The paper draws on cointegration techniques and the methodological ...
  • Gender and voter appeal in Irish elections, 1948-1997 

    O'Kelly, Michael (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2000)
    In general elections in the Republic of Ireland 1948-1997, female candidates have received on average a lower proportion of first-preference votes than males. This disparity between male and female candidates is worsening ...
  • Poverty in Ireland, 1987-1994: a stochastic dominance approach 

    Madden, David; Smith, Fiona (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 2000)
    Poverty dominance analysis uses stochastic dominance to provide rankings of distributions in terms of poverty which are not sensitive to the choice of poverty line. This analysis is carried out for Ireland using Household ...