Recent Submissions

  • Child protection practice: an ungovernable enterprise? 

    Buckley, Helen (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 1999)
    This paper reports on a research study carried out in 1993/94, on the child protection practices of a social work team employed by a regional health board. The aim of the study was to challenge the assumption underlying ...
  • A rationale for repealing the 1987 Groceries Order 

    Walsh, Patrick Paul; Whelan, Ciara (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 1999)
    A ban on pricing below cost was implemented under the 1987 Groceries Order based on the premise that loss leading used in multi-product retail pricing distorts competition and exploits consumers in the short run, while ...
  • Economic geography and the long-run effects of the Great Irish Famine 

    Whelan, Karl (Economic & Social StudiesDublin, 1999)
    One of the most important debates in Irish economic history has concerned the long-run effects of the Great Irish Famine, with some arguing that it had only temporary effects on the economy and others seeing it as a major ...