This project involves the scanning and cataloguing of approximately 413 slides of medieval architecture and sculpture in France in accordance with the conventions of the TARA Digital Image Project (of which 362 were finally copyright-approved). TCD History of Art slide collection incorporates approximately 200,000 slides and has been an integral part of teaching in the Department of the History of Art since its establishment in 1966. Digitisation of the collection commenced in August 2007. To date, 2,129 slides have been scanned and catalogued. Apart from the obvious usefulness of this project for teaching in the Department, the accessibility of the TARA archive on the Web means that an important body of scanned and catalogued images will be available to users both inside and outside TCD. It is hoped that this project will promote further research in the history of art and architecture, which will be of value to users in College and further afield.

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