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    • The 2 + 2 anisotropic Wilson gluon action with applications 

      A generalization of anisotropic lattices to include a 2+2 discretization is discussed. As a part of this program, we determine the one-loop correction to the gluon self-energy and analyse the restoration of Lorentz ...
    • Absolute bases, tensor products and a theorem of Bohr 

      TIMONEY, RICHARD (Instytut Matematyczny Polska Akademia Nauk, 1990)
    • Actions of groups of birationally extendible automorphisms 

      ZAITSEV, DMITRI (World Science Publishing, 1996)
      The origin of this work is found in the study of automorphisms of domains D in Cn, n > 1. For example, suppose for the moment that D is relatively compact and recall that in this case the group Aut(D) of all holomorphic ...
    • The AdS(5) x S**5 superstring in light-cone gauge and its Bethe equations. 

      FROLOV, SERGEY (Institute of Physics, 2006)
      We use the uniform light-cone gauge to derive an exact gauge-fixed Lagrangian and light-cone Hamiltonian for the Green-Schwarz superstring in AdS5?S5. We then quantize the theory perturbatively in the near plane-wave ...
    • Analytic Besov spaces and Hardy-type inequalities in tube domains over symmetric cones 

      We give various equivalent formulations to the (partially) open problem about Lp-boundedness of Bergman projections in tubes over cones. Namely, we show that such boundedness is equivalent to the duality identity between ...
    • Analytic smearing of SU(3) link variables in lattice QCD 

      PEARDON, MICHAEL JAMES (American Physical Society, 2004)
      An analytic method of smearing link variables in lattice QCD is proposed and tested. The differentiability of the smearing scheme with respect to the link variables permits the use of modern Monte Carlo updating methods ...
    • An Anisotropic preconditioning for the Wilson fermion matrix on the lattice 

      Peardon, Michael (2010)
      A preconditioning for the Wilson fermion matrix on the lattice is defined, which is particularly suited to the case when the temporal lattice spacing is much smaller than the spatial one. Details on the implementation of ...
    • Antisymmetric tensor field on AdS(5) 

      FROLOV, SERGEY (Elsevier, 1998)
      By using the Hamiltonian version of the AdSrCFT correspondence, we compute the two-point Green function of a local operator in Ds4 Ns4 super Yang-Mills theory, which corresponds to a massive antisymmetric tensor field of ...
    • Approximation and convergence of formal CR-mappings 

      ZAITSEV, DMITRI (Oxford University Press, 2003)
      Let M ? CN be a minimal real-analytic CR-submanifold and M? ? CN? a realalgebraic subset through points p ? M and p? ? M?. We show that that any formal (holomorphic) mapping f : (CN, p) ? (CN? , p?), sending M into M?, ...
    • B and D meson decay constants in lattice QCD 

      RYAN, SINEAD MARIE (American Physical Society, 1998)
      We have calculated the decay constants of B and D mesons with lattice QCD. We use an O(a)-improved action that takes light quark actions as a starting point, tuned so that it can be directly applied at the physical masses ...
    • B and D semileptonic decays to light mesons 

      RYAN, SINEAD MARIE (2008-10-09)
      We present an update of our calculation of the form factors and partial widths of semileptonic heavy-to-light meson decays, in the quenched approximation. Our complete data set has now been analysed and our results include ...
    • Bethe ansatz for quantum strings 

      FROLOV, SERGEY (Institute of Physics, 2004)
      We propose Bethe equations for the diagonalization of the hamiltonian of quantum strings on AdS 5 ? S 5 at large string tension and restricted to certain large charge states from a closed (2) subsector. The ansatz differs ...
    • Bethe/gauge correspondence on curved spaces 

      Bethe/gauge correspondence identifies supersymmetric vac ua of massive gauge theories invariant under the two dimensional N = 2 Poincare supersymmetry with the stationary states of some quantum integrable system. The ...
    • Biholomorphic mappings and Banach function modules 

      TIMONEY, RICHARD (Walter de Gruyter, 1988)