Recent Submissions

  • The Science Behind SURROUND: a Constellation of Cubesats Around the Sun 

    Weigt, D. M.; Cañizares, L. A.; Maloney, S. A.; Murray, S. A.; Carley, E. P.; Gallagher, P. T.; Macario-Rojas, A.; Crisp, N.; McGrath, C. (2023)
    One of the greatest challenge facing current space weather monitoring operations is forecasting the arrival of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs) within their Earth-Sun propagation timescales. ...
  • The radio JOVE Project 2.0 

    Higgins, C.; Fung, S.; Garcia, L.; Thieman, J.; Sky, J.; Typinski, D.; Flagg, R.; Brown, J.; Reyes, F.; Gass, J.; Dodd, L.; Ashcraft, T.; Greenman, W.; Cox, J.; Blair, S. (2023)
    Radio JOVE ( is a well-known public outreach, education, and citizen science project using radio astronomy and a hands-on radio telescope for science inquiry and education. Radio JOVE 2.0 is a new ...