Recent Submissions

  • BioBlood: M&A in the Biotech World 

    Meyer, Marc H.; Friar, John H.; Kursh, Steven R.; Shaughnessy, Dennis (Senate HallDublin, 2008)
    The case focuses on the process of discovery, valuation, and deal structure in the acquisition of a small privately held company by a much larger company, both in the biotechnology industry. The case is written from the ...
  • Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Education in Schools and Colleges: Insights from UK Practice 

    Gibb, Allan (Senate HallDublin, 2008)
    The Paper pragmatically reviews progress in the field of Schools and Colleges Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education in the UK since the 1980s. It utilises a substantial degree of experiential knowledge based largely ...
  • Are users the Next Entrepreneurs? A case Study on the Video Game Industry 

    Burger-Helmchen, Thierry; Guittard, Claude (Senate HallDublin, 2008)
    Knowledge based-entrepreneurial firms struggle to survive because they have to be simultaneously entrepreneurial on several dimensions. Can these firms rely on users to achieve sufficient efficiency in some entrepreneurial ...