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  • Post-fabrication tuning of Hybrid Plasmonic Nanostructures with VO2 

    Cunningham, Stephen (Trinity College Dublin. School of Physics. Discipline of Physics, 2023)
    The development of hybrid plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterials to control electromagnetic radiation on the nanoscale has been at the centre of scientific research for the past few decades. Utilising the surface plasmon ...
  • Large Reversible Plasmon Shift with Au Nanodisc Dimers on Thin film VO2 

    Bradley, Louise (2022)
    By coupling Au dimer nanostructures to an underlying thin film of phase change material, vanadium dioxide, significant shifts in the plasmonic scattering spectra are observed, allowing for dynamic tuning within the visible ...
  • Direct laser writing of submicron photonic arrays for vapor-responsive sensing 

    Bradley, Louise (2022)
    A two photon polymerization technique was used to fabricate 2D photonic crystals based on a vapor-responsive hydrogel. By testing their vapor sensing performance, these photonic arrays were found to exhibit dynamic stimulus ...
  • Magnetic Forces in Paramagnetic Fluids 

    Venkatesan, Munuswamy; Coey, John (2022)
    An overview of the effect of a magnetic field gradient on fluids with linear magnetic susceptibilities is given. It is shown that two commonly encountered expressions, the magnetic field gradient force and the concentration ...
  • Evaporation of water and urea solution in a magnetic field; the role of nuclear isomers 

    Moebius, Matthias; Venkatesan, Munuswamy; Coey, John (2023)
    Hypothesis Ortho and para water are the two nuclear isomers where the hydrogen protons align to give a total nuclear spin of 1 or 0. The equilibrium ratio of 3:1 is established slowly in freshly evaporated water vapour ...

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