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  • Quantum heat statistics with time-evolving matrix product operators 

    Eastham, Paul; Mitchison, Mark T.; Popovic, Maria; Goold, John (2021)
    We present a numerically exact method to compute the full counting statistics of heat transfer in non-Markovian open quantum systems, which is based on the time-evolving matrix product operator algorithm. This approach is ...
  • Viscoelastic Polymer Nanocomposites for Strain Sensing Applications 

    O'Driscoll, Daniel (Trinity College Dublin. School of Physics. Discipline of Physics, 2021)
    Strain sensors are a technology that have developed in parallel with the major milestones in material science over the last century. Most recently, the field of 2D materials has proven to have found a wide range of ...
  • Exfoliating Two-Dimensional Layered Materials: Solvent Interactions from First-Principles 

    Patil, Urvesh (Trinity College Dublin. School of Physics. Discipline of Physics, 2021)
    Two dimensional materials, such as graphene, MoS2 and hexagonal boron nitride, show wide ranging electronic and mechanical properties which make applications such as transistors, pressure sensors and protective coatings ...
  • Surface Studies of Oxidised Metals: Mo, Nb and Cu 

    Walshe, Killian (Trinity College Dublin. School of Physics. Discipline of Physics, 2021)
    The atomic structure and evolution of ultra-thin film oxides is investigated for Mo, Nb and Cu using surface sensitive techniques such as scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS), low ...
  • A Simple Model Relating Gauge Factor to Filler Loading in Nanocomposite Strain Sensors 

    Coleman, Jonathan (2021)
    Conductive nanocomposites are often piezoresistive, displaying significant changes in resistance upon deformation, making them ideal for use as strain and pressure sensors. Such composites typically consist of ductile ...

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