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  • Intra-urban variations in retail grocery prices 

    Parker, AJ (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1974)
    Variations in retail grocery prices is an issue that engenders considerable interest in many sections of the community, for a variety of economic and political reasons. Since a substantial proportion of a housewife's weekly ...
  • Agricultural head rents, pre-famine and post-famine 

    Grada, CO (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1974)
    'No country can ever be held in just estimation', proclaimed Arthur Young in 1780, 'when the rental of it is unknown': and Young , in his Tour in Ireland, proceeded to estimate the rental of this country. His was the ...
  • From division to dissension - Irish trade unions in nineteen-thirties 

    McCarthy, C (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1974)
    In 1930 the Irish labour movement divided, the Irish Trade Union Congress forming one organisation and the Labour Party another. It was an amicable recognition, despite reservations and regrets, that Connolly's syndicalism ...
  • Trade union finance in Republic of Ireland 

    Hillery, B (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1974)
    In industry, especially in the private sector, profit is usually the acid test of success or failure. Most organisations, if they are to be run effectively, need money - and trade unions are no exception. Trade union ...
  • Sensitivity of test of significance - problem posed 

    Geary, R.C. (Economic & Social Studies, DUBLIN, 1974)
    This paper contains a preliminary examination of the effect of using the dichotomy (o, i ) instead of actual measurement in the study of relationship. First, the simplest case possible is dealt with, in the hope of inspiring, ...

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