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  • Expenditure patterns and welfare effects of inflation - estimates of a true cost-of-living index 

    Irvine, Ian; McCarthy, Colm (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    Inflation can have two principal kinds of redistributive effects. Even when relative prices are constant, the position of creditors worsens vis-a-vis that of debtors, unless the inflation is perfectly anticipated. If ...
  • Some effects of North Sea oil on Irish economy 

    Honohan, Patrick (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    It wis argued here that the formulation of policies, whether of the private or public sector, based on the assumption that the Irish inflation rate will be (and can safely be) close to that in the U.K. are likely to prove ...
  • Accuracy of demand estimators 

    O'Riordan, W.K. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    Information about price and income elasticities of demand is not without interest for economists and policymakers. At the moment, there are many methods of estimating these elasticities but the estimates given by the various ...
  • Irish pay personal income tax system 

    Norton, Desmond; O'Donnell, Rory (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    This paper describes part of the Personal Income Tax system in the context of work in progress on a model of the Irish economy. The model is a short-run one designed to quantify the effects of fiscal policy on the major ...
  • Regional aspects of the problem of restructuring use and ownership of agricultural land in the Republic of Ireland 

    O'Carroll, J.P.; Passchier, N.P.; Van der Wusten, H.H. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 1978)
    This paper is an attempt to identify regional delineations which are relevant for the problem of restructuring the use and ownership of agricultural land in the Republic of Ireland. The social scientist's interest in ...

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