Recent Submissions

  • Social partnership: from Lemass to Cowen 

    Roche, William K. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2009)
    Dull and predictable though it may be, especially when contrasted with the ?heroic? era of labour and industrial relations during the first two decades of the twentieth century, the theme of social partnership is of ...
  • Estimating the price overcharge from cartelisation of the Irish automobile industry 

    Mariuzzo, Franco; Walsh, Patrick Paul; Van Parys, Olivier (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2009)
    Price coordination can be very harmful for consumers. Yet, even if a cartel is proved to exist, and successful in enforcement, how do we estimate damages or price overcharges to consumers? We build a structural model of ...
  • The misperception of inflation by Irish consumers 

    Duffy, David; Lunn, Peter D. (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2009)
    Perceptions and forecasts of inflation have the potential to impact on a range of economic outcomes. We reveal large, systematic overestimation of inflation by Irish consumers, which varies by social group. In contrast ...
  • Resolving Ireland?s banking crisis 

    Honohan, Patrick (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2009)
    The Irish banking system has been, in effect, on a life-support system since September 2008. Complacency resulted in the banks fuelling the late stage of an obvious construction bubble with massive foreign borrowing, leaving ...

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