Recent Submissions

  • Efficiency in Northern Ireland hospitals: a non-parametric analysis 

    McKillop, Donal G.; Glass, J. Colin; Kerr, Christine A.; McCallion, Gillian (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 1999)
    The study examines the technical, scale and size efficiency of acute hospitals in Northern Ireland over the six-year period, 1986-1992. The efficiency estimates are used to investigate whether the empirical evidence supports ...
  • Change in the rate and pattern of religious intermarriage in the Republic of Ireland 

    O'Leary, Richard (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 1999)
    Earlier attempts to estimate the rate and to establish the patterns of religious intermarriage in the Republic of Ireland have been limited by a lack of data. This paper presents new findings on intermarriage using previously ...
  • Social mobility in Ireland in the 1990s: evidence from the 1994 Living in Ireland Survey 

    Whelan, Christopher T. (Economic & Social Research InstituteDublin, 1999)
    In this paper we seek to update findings relating to class mobility outcomes and processes in the Republic of Ireland employing data from the Living in Ireland Survey which was carried out in 1994. We also provide an ...

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