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  • Place Cells: Knowing Where You Are Depends on Knowing Where You're Heading 

    O'Mara, Shane (2017)
    Knowing where you are and knowing where you are heading are both necessary for navigation. Does knowing where you are depend on knowing where you are heading, or is it the other way around? A new study suggests that knowing ...
  • Affective and cognitive influences on decision making in obesity 

    Brogan, Amy (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Psychology, 2010)
    Significant increases in the prevalence of overweight and obesity have been observed worldwide, the direct and indirect costs of which are huge for society. The most rapid increases have been seen in those who were already ...
  • An investigation of implicit theories and factors implicated in sex offending theory in a non-offending population 

    Bourke, Ashling (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Psychology, 2012)
    This thesis set out to explore a number of constructs implicated in the sex offending literature within a sample of non-offending men. This particular sample was chosen in order to investigate the 'nonnal' presentation of ...
  • An investigation into the role of impulsivity in addiction 

    Behan, Brendan Thomas (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Psychology, 2013)
    Impulsivity typically refers to actions made without sufficient forethought or consideration of their consequences. This dissertation focuses on the neural underpinnings of this trait from a perspective of a striatal-based ...
  • Aircraft maintenance teams 

    Baranzini, Daniele (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Psychology, 2009)
    This dissertation investigated aircraft maintenance teams performing inspections and repairs in the hangar environment of modem commercial aircraft maintenance organisations. Generalisations of all findings are intended ...

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