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  • Benchmark of Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis on Measuring Nanoparticle Sizing and Concentration 

    MAGUIRE, CIARAN; Sillence, Katherine; Roesslein, Matthias; Hannell, Claire; Suarez, Guillaume; Sauvain, Jean-Jacques; Capracotta, Sonja; Contal, Servane; Cambier, Sebastien; El Yamani, Naouale; Dusinska, Maria; Dybowska, Agnieszka; Vennemann, Antje; Cooke, Laura; Haase, Andrea; Luch, Andreas; Wiemann, Martin; Gutleb, Arno; Korenstein, Rafi; Riediker, Michael; Wick, Peter; Hole, Patrick; Prina-Mello, Adriele (2017)
    One of the greatest challenges in the manufacturing and development of nanotechnologies is the requirement for robust, reliable, and accurate characterization data. Presented here are the results of an interlaboratory ...