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  • Tracking of an electron beam through the solar corona with LOFAR 

    GALLAGHER, PETER; Mann, G.; Breitling, F.; Vocks, C.; Aurass, H.; Steinmetz, M.; Strassmeier, K.G.; Bisi, M.M.; Fallows, R.A.; Gallagher, P.; Kerdraon, A.; Mackinnon, A.; Magdalenic, J.; Rucker, H.; Anderson, J.; Asgekar, A.; Avruch, I.M.; Bell, M.E.; Bentum, M.J.; Bernardi, G.; Bonafede, A.; Broderick, J.W.; Brüggen, M.; Butcher, H.R.; Ciardi, B.; Costanje, A.; de Gasperin, F.; de Geus, E.; Deller, A.; Duscha, S. (2018)
    The Sun’s activity leads to bursts of radio emission, among other phenomena. An example is type-III radio bursts. They occur frequently and appear as short-lived structures rapidly drifting from high to low frequencies in ...