Recent Submissions

  • Monitoring environmental supporting conditions of a raised bog using remote sensing techniques 

    Gill, Laurence (2018)
    Conventional methods of monitoring wetlands and detecting changes over time can be time-consuming and costly. Inaccessibility and remoteness of many wetlands is also a limiting factor. Hence, there is a growing recognition ...
  • Engineering reactive clay systems by ground rubber replacement and polyacrylamide treatment 

    O'Kelly, Brendan; Soltani, Amin; Deng, An; Taheri, Abbas (2019)
    This study investigates the combined performance of ground rubber (GR), the additive, and polyacrylamide (PAM), the binder, as a sustainable solution towards ameliorating the inferior geotechnical attributes of an expansive ...
  • Fatigue reliability using a multiple surface approach 

    TEIXEIRA, RUI DUARTE; O'Connor, Alan; Nogal, Maria (2019)
    Reliability analysis for offshore wind turbine structural fatigue is an effort demanding task. The new trends in the design of these systems, such as, the usage of alternative computational fluid dynamics or finite element ...
  • PISA: New Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbine Monopiles 

    Igoe, David (2017)
    Improved design of laterally loaded monopiles is central to the development of current and future generation offshore wind farms. Previously established design methods have demonstrable shortcomings requiring new ideas and ...
  • Phase Change Materials for Solar Energy Applications 

    Akbari, Hoda; Ahmed, Hind; Mc Cormack, Sarah (Central West Publishing, 2019)
    Increasing levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy dependency on other countries have brought governments to develop and improve various ways of producing energy. There are many different methods of renewable ...

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