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  • Digital pattern synthesis with a compact MIMO antenna of half-wavelength diameter 

    Zandamela, Abel Abdul; Narbudowicz, Adam (2021)
    The paper presents a compact multiport antenna, with beamforming capabilities and a realized gain of 4.31 dBi with the size of λ/2. The antenna allows digital beamforming with independent control over three parameters: ...
  • Directional Modulation from a Wrist-Wearable Compact Antenna 

    Zandamela, Abel Abdul; Marchetti, Nicola; Narbudowicz, Adam (IEEE, 2022)
    This work proposes compact multiport antennas for directional modulation (DM) on wrist-wearable devices to improve the secrecy and privacy of the transmitted data. The DM performance is investigated using the antenna in ...
  • On the Efficiency of Miniaturized 360° Beam-Scanning Antenna 

    Zandamela, Abel Abdul; Narbudowicz, Adam (IEEE, 2019)
    The efficiency and beam-scanning performance of a compact, beam reconfigurable antenna are presented. The proposed design provides a 360° reconfigurable bidirectional radiation pattern in the horizontal plane by using phase ...
  • Stacked-Patch MIMO Antenna for Dual-Plane Beamsteering 

    Zandamela, Abel Abdul; Marchetti, Nicola (2022)
    This paper proposes a compact stacked-patch Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna with beamsteering in azimuth and elevation planes. The beamsteering is executed by controlling the phase shifts and amplitudes ...