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  • Demonstration of Software-DefinedPacket-Optical Network Emulation with Mininet-Optical and ONOS 

    Ruffini, Marco; Lantz, Bob; Díaz-Montiel, Alan A.; Yu, Jiakai; Rios, Christian; Kilper, Dan (2020)
    We demonstrate practical software emulation of a software-defined, packetoptical network. Our emulator, Mininet-Optical, models the physical, data plane and control plane behavior, under control of the ONOS SDN controller.
  • Hybrid Machine Learning EDFA Model 

    Ruffini, Marco; Zhu, Shengxiang; Gutterman, Craig; Díaz-Montiel, Alan; Yu, Jiakai; Zussman, Gil; Kilper, Daniel (2020)
    A hybrid machine learning (HML) model combining a-priori and a-posteriori knowledge is implemented and tested, which is shown to reduce the prediction error and training complexity, compared to an analytical or neural ...