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  • Care Models/Pathways for Managing Multimorbidity 

    Dinsmore, John; Brady, Anne-Marie; Doyle, Julie; Hoogerwerf, Evert-Jan; Van der Auwermeulen, Thomas; Murphy, Emma; Maluccelli, Lorenza; Kuiper, Janneke; Fiordelmondo, Valentina; Jacobs, An; Desideri, Lorenzo; Edirisinghe, Nuwani; Pascale, Alessandra (European Commission, 2016)
  • Designing a ProACTive, Person Centred Digital Integrated Care Ecosystem 

    DINSMORE, JOHN; Kotoulaus, Spyros; Barton, John; Murphy, Ed; Walker, David; Medina, Jaime; Hoogerwerf, Evert-Jan; Cudd, Peter; Maluccelli, Lorenza; Kadyrbaeva, Asel; Jacobs, An; Hannigan, Caoimhe; Murphy, Emma; Galvin, Mary; Doyle, Julie (2017)
  • Designing a proactive, person-centred, digital integrated care system 

    Hannigan, Caoimhe; Murphy, Emma; Dinsmore, John; Doyle, Julia; Hoogerwerf, Evert-Jan; Kuiper, Janneke; Van der Auwermeulen, Thomas; Albert, Jonas; Jacobs, An; Maluccelli, Lorenza; Desideri, Lorenzo; Fiordelmondo, Valentina (2017)
  • Ecosystem Trial Strategic Plan Friendly Trial -ProACT 

    Doyle, Julie; Caprani, Niamh; Gavin, Shane; Jacobs, An; Kuiper, Janneke; Dinsmore, John; Hoogerwerf, Evert-Jan; Hannigan, Caoimhe (European Commission, 2016)
    The purpose of this deliverable is to provide implementation plans for testing and evaluating the ProACT system. To reflect the iterative project implementation cycle, this document will be reviewed and updated twice during ...