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  • Computationally Probing the Performance of Hybrid, Heterogeneous, and Homogeneous Iridium‐Based Catalysts for Water Oxidation 

    Garcia-Melchor, Max; Vilella, Laia; López, Núria; Vojvodic, Aleksandra (2016)
    An attractive strategy to improve the performance of water oxidation catalysts would be to anchor a homogeneous molecular catalyst on a heterogeneous solid surface to create a hybrid catalyst. The idea of this combined ...
  • Edge Reactivity and Water-Assisted Dissociation on Cobalt Oxide Nanoislands 

    Fester, Jakob; Garcia-Melchor, Max; Walton, Alex S.; Li, Zheshen; Lammich, Lutz; Vojvodic, Aleksandra; Lauritsen, Jeppe V. (2017)
    Transition metal oxides show great promise as Earth-abundant catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction in electrochemical water splitting. However, progress in the development of highly active oxide nanostructures is ...
  • Equilibrium oxygen storage capacity of ultrathin CeO2 depends non-monotonically on large biaxial strain 

    Gopal, Chirranjeevi B.; Garcia-Melchor, Max; Lee, Sang C.; Shi, Yezhou; Andrey, Shavorskiy; Monti, Matteo; Guan, Zixuan; Sinclair, Robert; Bluhm, Hendrik; Vojvodic, Aleksandra; Chueh, William C. (2017)
    Elastic strain is being increasingly employed to enhance the catalytic properties of mixed ion–electron conducting oxides. However, its effect on oxygen storage capacity is not well established. Here, we fabricate ...
  • Gold-Supported Cerium-Doped NiOx Catalysts for Water Oxidation 

    Desmond Ng, Jia Wei; Garcia-Melchor, Max; Bajdich, Michal; Chakthranont, Pongkarn; Kirk, Charlotte; Vojvodic, Aleksandra; Jaramillo, Thomas F. (2016)
    The development of high-performance catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is paramount for cost-effective conversion of renewable electricity to fuels and chemicals. Here we report the significant enhancement ...
  • Homogeneously Dispersed Multimetal Oxygen-Evolving Catalysts 

    Zhang, Bo; Zheng, Xueli; Voznyy, Oleksandr; Comin, Riccardo; Bajdich, Michal; Garcia-Melchor, Max; Han, Lili; Xu, Jixian; Liu, Min; Zheng, Lirong; García de Arquer, F. Pelayo; Dinh, Cao T.; Fan, Fengjia; Yuan, Mingjian; Yassitepe, Emre; Chen, Ning; Regier, Tom; Liu, Pengfei; De Luna, Phil; Janmohamed, Alyf; Xin, Huolin L.; Yang, Huagui; Vojvodic, Aleksandra; Sargent, Edward H. (2016)
    Earth-abundant first-row (3d) transition-metal-based catalysts have been developed for the oxygen-evolution reaction (OER); however, they operate at overpotentials significantly above thermodynamic requirements. Density ...