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  • Enhancing capacitance behaviour of CoOOH nanostructures using transition metal dopants by ambient oxidation 

    Zhang, Hongzhou; Schmitt, Wolfgang; Maguire, Pierce (2016)
    Cobalt hydrate and doped binary Co0.9M0.1OOH (M = Ni, Mn, Fe) nanorings of 100-300 nm were fabricated in solution through a facile ambient oxidation method. A transformation from Co0.9Ni0.1(OH)2 nanodiscs to hollow ...
  • Oxide-mediated recovery of field-effect mobility in plasma-treated MoS2 

    Nicolosi, Valeria; Duesberg, Georg; Mc Guinness, Cormac; Jadwiszczak, Jakub; O'Callaghan, Colin; Zhou, Yangbo; Fox, Daniel S.; Weitz, Eamonn; Keane, Darragh; Cullen, Conor P.; O'Reilly, Ian; Downing, Clive; Schmeliov, Aleksey; Bradley, A. Louise; Boland, John J.; Maguire, Pierce; Gough, John J.; Ferreira, Mauro S.; Zhang, Hongzhou (2018)
    Precise tunability of electronic properties of two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials is a key goal of current research in this field of materials science. Chemical modification of layered transition metal dichalcogenides leads ...