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  • Equilibrium oxygen storage capacity of ultrathin CeO2 depends non-monotonically on large biaxial strain 

    Gopal, Chirranjeevi B.; Garcia-Melchor, Max; Lee, Sang C.; Shi, Yezhou; Andrey, Shavorskiy; Monti, Matteo; Guan, Zixuan; Sinclair, Robert; Bluhm, Hendrik; Vojvodic, Aleksandra; Chueh, William C. (2017)
    Elastic strain is being increasingly employed to enhance the catalytic properties of mixed ion–electron conducting oxides. However, its effect on oxygen storage capacity is not well established. Here, we fabricate ...
  • Selective high-temperature CO2 electrolysis enabled by oxidized carbon intermediates 

    Garcia Melchor, Max; Skafte, Theis L.; Guan, Zixuan; Machala, Michael L.; Gopal, Chirranjeevi B.; Monti, Matteo; Martinez, Lev; Stamate, Eugen; Sanna, Simone; Garrido Torres, Jose A.; Crumlin, Ethan J.; Bajdich, Michal; Chueh, William C.; Graves, Christopher (2019)
    High-temperature CO2 electrolysers offer exceptionally efficient storage of renewable electricity in the form of CO and other chemical fuels, but conventional electrodes catalyse destructive carbon deposition. Ceria catalysts ...