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  • YABS: A domain-specific language for pervasive computing based on stigmergy 

    CAHILL, VINNY (2006)
    This paper presents YABS, a novel domain-specific language for defining entity behavior in pervasive computing environments. The programming model of YABS is inspired by nature and, in particular, the observations made ...
  • The ZRTP Protocol - Analysis on the Diffie-Hellman mode 

    ZRTP is a key agreement protocol by Philip Zimmermann, Alan Johnston and Jon Callas, which relies on a Di e-Hellman exchange to generate SRTP session parameters, providing con dentiality and protecting against Man-in-the-Middle ...
  • Untitled 

    KENNY, EAMONN (2000)
    The increase in mobile communications traffic has led to heightened interest in the use of deterministic propagation methods together with digital building and terrain databases for propagation prediction in urban areas. ...