Recent Submissions

  • Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea: Marine Imagery and Artefacts from the Bronze Age Aegean 

    Saunders, Emma (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    This project began as an attempt to explain why the Minoan islanders developed and nurtured this marine interest, while neighbouring island cultures did not. In order to understand the enduring popularity of the sea in ...
  • An Examination of Compositional Writing Instruction in Irish Primary Schools 

    Willoughby, Karen (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    Recent government reports highlight potential delays in the implementation of the revisions to writing instruction outlined in the 1999 English Curriculum for primary schools. Although delays appear to exist, the nature ...
  • Constructs of War: Evaluation and Representation of the First World War in the Republican Press in Weimar Germany 1918-1920 

    Ther, Vanessa (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The fall of Weimar democracy in 1933 has evoked massive interest among historians and the general public and numerous attempts have been made to explain Hitler's rise to power. In this context, many historians have explained ...
  • The Spanish Flu in Leinster 

    Milne, Ida (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The 'Spanish' Influenza pandemic killed 40 to 100 million people during 1918 and 1919, and probably infected about one fifth of the world's population. It disrupted society and economies, debilitated all the armed forces ...
  • The Campus Martius, Rome 

    Hargis, Siobhan (Trinity College Dublin, 2007-06-13)
    The Campus Martius was an area in Rome located on a flood plain in the bend of the River Tiber. A pomerium (a sacred boundary associated with the foundation of Rome) ran to the South of the Campus Martius. This boundary ...

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