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  • The HARMONIE-AROME Model Configuration in the ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP System 

    Bengtsson, Lisa; Andrae, Ulf; Aspelien, Trygve; Batrak, Yurii; Calvo, Javier; de Rooy, Wim; Gleeson, Emily; Hansen-Sass, Bent; Homleid, Mariken; Hortal, Mariano; Ivarsson, Karl-Ivar; Lenderink, Geert; Niemela, Sami; Nielsen, Kristian Pagh; Onvlee, Jeanette; Rontu, Laura; Samuelsson, Patrick; Munoz, Daniel Santos; Subias, Alvaro; Tijm, Sander; Toll, Velle; Yang, Xiaohua; Koltzow, Morten Odegaard (American Meteorological Society, ireland, 2017-02-09)
    The aim of this article is to describe the reference configuration of the convection permitting Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model HARMONIE-AROME which is used for operational short range weather forecasts in Denmark, ...
  • Modelling Glaciers in the HARMONIE-AROME NWP model 

    Mottram, Ruth; Gleeson, Emily; Yang, Xiaohua; Nielsen, Kristian Pagh (Copernicus publications, germany, 2017-12-19)