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  • Atomic and Electronic Structure of a Multidomain GeTe Crystal 

    S. Frolov, Alexander; Sánchez-Barriga, Jaime; Callaert, Carolien; Hadermann, Joke; Fedorov, Alexander V.; Usachov, Dmitry Yu.; Chaika, Alexander; Walls, Brian; Zhussupbekov, Kuanysh; Shvets, Igor V.; Muntwiler, Matthias; Gregoratti, Luca; Amati, Matteo; Varykhalov, Andrei; Rader, Oliver; Yashina, Lada V. (2020)
    Renewed interest in the ferroelectric semiconductor germanium telluride was recently triggered by the direct observation of a giant Rashba effect and a 30-year-old dream about a functional spin field-effect transistor. In ...