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  • Phosphorylation of Beta-3 adrenergic receptor at serine 247 by ERK MAP kinase drives lipolysis in obese adipocytes 

    LYNCH, LYDIA; Hong, Shangyu; Song, Wei; Zushin, Peter-James H.; Liu, Bingyang; Jedrychowski, Mark P.; Mina, Amir I.; Deng, Zhaoming; Cabarkapa, Dimitrije; Hall, Jessica A.; Palmer, Colin J.; Aliakbarian, Hassan; Szpyt, John; Gygi, Steven P.; Tavakkoli, Ali; Lynch, Lydia; Perrimon, Norbert; Banks, Alexander S. (2018)
    Objective: The inappropriate release of free fatty acids from obese adipose tissue stores has detrimental effects on metabolism, but key molecular mechanisms controlling FFA release from adipocytes remain undefined. ...