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  • Essays in applied microeconomics. Research collaboration and dissemination in economics 

    KULD, LUKAS VALENTIN (Trinity College Dublin. School of Social Sciences & Philosophy. Discipline of Economics, 2018)
    This dissertation studies the production and dissemination of economic research in three essays. The chapters explore data on economic research articles and their authors to study, first, the effect of national borders ...
  • International Investment and Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Small Open Economies 

    Siedschlag, Iulia; Kaitila, Ville; McQuinn, John; Zhang, Xiaoheng (ETLA - The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, 01/03/2013)
    This paper examines the causal link between foreign investment and firm performance in six small open economies in the European Union. Specifically, using micro data for manufacturing and services over the period 2001?2009, ...