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  • A Changing Geopolitical Landscape: Informal Institutions and Democratization 

    The main purpose of this article is to explore the role that informal organisations play in the legitimisation of regime change and the failure of key modern theories of globalisation and international relations (I.R.) to ...
  • The effect of terrorist attacks on attitudes and its duration 

    Chadefaux, Thomas (2022)
    Is terrorism effective as a tool of political influence? In particular, do terrorists succeed in affecting their targets’ attitudes, and how long does the effect last? Existing research unfortunately is either limited to ...
  • The Impact of Anocracy on Terrorism: A Mixed-Method Approach 

    CHHABRA, SOMYA (Trinity College Dublin. School of Social Sciences & Philosophy. Discipline of Political Science, 2020)
    In this dissertation, the impact of anocracy on terrorism is examined. Intuitively, anocratic states or states with mixed regime features have been associated with greater terrorism, indicating that regime type has an ...
  • Nouns and Verbs in Professional Reporting of Extreme Events 

    Vogel, Carl; Karampela, Anna (2019)
    This corpus-based study tested whether linguistic devices that can evoke negative emotions are featured in Terrorist Attack news articles to a greater extent, in comparison to articles on Natural Disasters and Human ...
  • The Vertigo of Late Modernity 

    Travis, Charles (2008)