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  • Poor Law reform 

    Maguire, Joseph (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1925)
    The aim of this paper is not to present a complete and elaborate scheme of Poor Law Reform?a transcendent task?but to indicate a few general and leading principles which, it is submitted, ought not to be lost sight of ...
  • Report of the Irish poor law commission 

    Eason, Charles (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1928)
    In March, 1925, a Commission was appointed, and it is their Report, dated August, 1927, of which a summary is now submitted to you. It is possible that some of the defects in particular, cases may have been remedied, ...
  • The workhouse as a mode of relief for widows and orphans 

    Hancock, W. Neilson (Dublin Statistical Society, 1855)
    The principles on which the Irish Poor Law is to be administered for the future must be learned not from the traditions of the changes introduced in England in 1834, nor from the idle theories prevalent in Ireland in ...