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  • Deep Learning-based embedded Intrusion Detection Systems for CAN bus in Automotive Networks 

    Shanker, Shreejith; Khandelwal, Shashwat; Wadhwa, Eashan (IEEE, 2022)
    Rising complexity of in-vehicle electronics is enabling new capabilities like autonomous driving and active safety. However, rising automation also increases risk of security threats which is compounded by lack of in-built ...
  • A Lightweight Multi-Attack CAN Intrusion Detection System on Hybrid FPGAs 

    Shanker, Shreejith (2022)
    Rising connectivity in vehicles is enabling new capabilities like connected autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for improving the safety and reliability of next-generation vehicles. This ...
  • X509Cloud - Framework for a Ubiquitous PKI 

    Weber, Stefan; Tewari, Hitesh; Hughes, Arthur; Barry, Tomas (2017)
    The SSL protocol has been widely used for verifying digital identities and to secure Internet traffic since the early days of the web. Although X.509 certificates have been in existence for more than two decades, individual ...