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  • Impurity band magnetism in organic semiconductors 

    Sanvito, Stefano; Droghetti, Andrea (2019)
    Recent experiments and theoretical studies have proposed that spin-transport in organic semiconductors, in particular in Alq3, may occur in an impurity band. Here we model the electronic and magnetic properties of such ...
  • Magnetic order and magnetotransport in half-metallic ferrimagnetic MnyRuxGa thin films 

    Coey, John; Stamenov, Plamen; Rode, Karsten; Atcheson, Gwenael (2021)
    The ruthenium content of half-metallic Mn2RuxGa thin films, with a biaxially strained inverse Heusler structure, controls the ferrimagnetism that determines their magnetic and electronic properties. An extensive study of ...