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  • ADELE: Care and companionship for independent aging 

    Wade, Vincent; Spillane, Brendan; Gilmartin, Emer; Saam, Christian; Cowan, Benjamin R. (2018)
    Dialogue system technology offers interesting prospects for services to seniors living independently. A spoken or text dialog system can support services such as monitoring medication adherence, fall prevention and ...
  • ADELE: Evaluating and Benchmarking an Artificial Conversational Care Agent 

    Spillane, Brendan; Saam, Christian; Gilmartin, Emer; Cowan, Benjamin R.; Wade, Vincent (, 2020-04-26)
    This paper provides an overview of a planned experiment to evaluate the latest iteration of ADELE, an artificial conversational agent to aid in the care of the elderly. It is being evaluated against an earlier iteration ...
  • Introducing ADELE: A personalized intelligent companion 

    Wade, Vincent; Spillane, Brendan (2017)
    This paper introduces ADELE, a Personalized Intelligent Companion designed to engage with users through spoken dialog to help them explore topics of interest. The system will maintain a user model of information consumption ...
  • Issues Relating to Trust in Care Agents for the Elderly 

    Spillane, Brendan; Gilmartin, Emer; Saam, Christian; Wade, Vincent (ACM, 2019-08-22)
    There is increasing academic interest in and commercial development of care agents to assist with the care of the elderly in the home. This paper defines some of the under-explored questions and issues relating to trust. ...