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  • Apatite Chlorine Concentration Measurements by LA-ICP-MS 

    Kamber, Balz; Chew, David; Stock, Michael (2014)
    Apatite incorporates variable and significant amounts of halogens (mainly F and Cl) in its crystal structure, which can be used to determine the initial F and Cl concentrations of magmas. The amount of chlorine in the ...
  • Microanalysis of Cl, Br and I in apatite, scapolite and silicate glass by LA-ICP-MS 

    Tomlinson, Emma; Caulfield, John T.; Chew, David M.; Marks, Michael A.W.; McKenna, Cora A.; Ubide, Teresa; Smith, Victoria C. (2020)
    Constraining the abundance and distribution of halogens in geological materials has the potential to provide novel insights into a broad range of earth system processes (e.g. metasomatism, melting, volatile cycling and ore ...
  • The trace element and U-Pb systematics of metamorphic apatite and its application in provenance studies 

    ALBERTI HENRICHS, ISADORA (Trinity College Dublin. School of Natural Sciences. Discipline of Geology, 2020)
    Apatite is a common accessory mineral in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. It has potential as a provenance indicator in clastic sedimentary systems, as it can host a wide variety of trace elements in its crystal ...