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  • Alignment in a Multimodal Interlingual Computer-Mediated Map Task Corpus 

    Vogel, Carl; Reverdy, Justine; Akira, Hayakawa (2018)
    This work presents an assessment of interlocutor alignment using a semi-automated method in the context of multimodal interlingual (English-Portuguese) computer-mediated interactions. We study the adaptation phenomenon ...
  • Measuring Synchrony in Task-based Dialogues 

    VOGEL, CARL; Reverdy, Justine (ISCA, 2017)
    In many contexts from casual everyday conversations to formal discussions, people tend to repeat their interlocutors, and themselves. This phenomenon not only yields random repetitions one might expect from a natural Zipfian ...
  • Quantification of Mutual Understanding in Task-Based Human-Human Interactions 

    Reverdy, Justine (Trinity College Dublin. School of Computer Science & Statistics. Discipline of Computer Science, 2021)
    This thesis explores the quantification of mutual understanding in task-based interactions by observing the relation between patterns of repetitions and measures of communicative success. Two important characteristics of ...