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  • Aesthetic Image Captioning from Weakly-Labelled Photographs 

    Smolic, Aljosa; Ghosal, Koustav; Rana, Aakanksha (2019)
    Aesthetic image captioning (AIC) refers to the multimodal task of generating critical textual feedbacks for photographs. While in natural image captioning (NIC), deep models are trained in an end-to-end manner using ...
  • Deep Tone Mapping Operator for High Dynamic Range Images 

    Smolic, Aljosa; Rana, Aakanksha; Singh, Praveer; Valenzise, Giuseppe; Dufaux, Frederic; Komodakis, Nikos (2019)
    A computationally fast tone mapping operator (TMO) that can quickly adapt to a wide spectrum of high dynamic range (HDR) content is quintessential for visualization on varied low dynamic range (LDR) output devices such as ...
  • DublinCity: Annotated LiDAR Point Cloud and its Applications 

    Smolic, Aljosa; Zolanvari, S.M. Iman; Ruano, Susana; Rana, Aakanksha; Cumins, Alan; da Silva, Rogerio Eduardo; Rahbar, Morteza (2019)
    Scene understanding of full-scale 3D models of an urban area remains a challenging task. While advanced computer vision techniques offer cost-effective approaches to analyse 3D urban elements, a precise and densely ...
  • Towards Generating Ambisonics Using Audio-Visual Cue for Virtual Reality 

    Smolic, Aljosa; Rana, Aakanksha; Oczinar, Cagri (2019)
    Ambisonics i.e., a full-sphere surround sound, is quintessential with 360◦ visual content to provide a realistic virtual reality (VR) experience. While 360◦ visual content capture gained a tremendous boost recently, ...