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  • A dynamic model of the relationship between income and financial satisfaction: evidence from Ireland 

    Newman, Carol; Delaney, Liam; Nolan, Brian (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2008)
    The link between income and subjective satisfaction with one?s financial situation is explored in this paper using a panel analysis of 1,998 individuals tracked through the course of the boom period in Ireland, 1994-2001. ...
  • An econometric analysis of charitable donations in the Republic of Ireland 

    Carroll, James; McCarthy, Siobhan; Newman, Carol (Economic & Social Studies, Dublin, 2005)
    This paper explores the variables that affect the probability of donating to charity and those that affect the size of donations by Irish households. The dataset employed is the Irish Household Budget Survey (HBS) 1999/2000, ...
  • Perspectives on Irish Productivity 

    Sexton, J. J.; Farrell, Diana; Remes, Jaana; Kehoe, Conor; Morgenroth, Edgar; D'Elia, José Luis Iparraguirre; Boyle, Richard; Matthews, Alan; Newman, Carol; Thorne, Fiona; Aylward, Ciarán; O'Toole, Ronnie; O'Donnell, Rory; Cahill, Noel; Boyle, David; Evans, John; Palcic, Donal; Reeves, Eoin; Parker, David; Watt, Robert; Scully, Derek; Gorg, Holger; O'Leary, Eoin; Doyle, Eleanor; Fanning, Connell; Kopp, Andreas; Kavanagh, Catherine; Czarnitzki, Dirk; O'Byrnes, Niall; Dagg, Maurice; Mundschenk, Susanne; Maddox, Daniel; Boyle, Gerry; Kneller, Richard; Haller, Stefanie (Forfás, ireland, 2007-03-21)
  • Productivity in Irish agriculture 

    Matthews, Alan; Newman, Carol; Thorne, Fiona (Forfás, ireland, 2007-03-21)