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  • "Effective Electrode Length Enhances Electrical Activation of Nanowire Networks: Experiment and Simulation" 

    FERREIRA, MAURO; BOLAND, JOHN; BELLEW, ALLEN; Fairfield, J.A.; McCarthy, Eoin K.; Ritter, Carlos (2014)
    Networks comprised of randomly oriented overlapping nanowires offer the possibility of simple fabrication on a variety of substrates, in contrast with the precise placement required for devices with single or aligned ...
  • Novel in-situ lamella fabrication technique for in-situ TEM 

    Nicolosi, Valeria; Canavan, Megan; Daly, Dermot; Rummel, Andreas; McCarthy, Eoin K.; McAuley, Cathal (2018)
    In-situ transmission electron microscopy is rapidly emerging as the premier technique for characterising materials in a dynamic state on the atomic scale. The most important aspect of in-situ studies is specimen preparation. ...
  • The electromechanical properties of individual nanowires 

    McCarthy, Eoin K. (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Chemistry, 2014)
    The measurement of the mechanical and electrical properties of individual nanowires and nanowire systems is of paramount importance for their future incorporation into functional devices. An equally important property that ...