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  • Room-temperature ultraviolet luminescence from g-CuCl on silicon 

    Bradley, Louise; O'Reilly, Lisa; Lucas, Olabanji; McNally, Patrick; Reader, Alec; Natarajan, Gomathi; Daniels, Stephen; Cameron, David C.; Mitra, Anirban; Martinez-Rosas, Miguel (2005)
    We have probed the luminescence properties of a wide-band-gap, direct band-gap optoelectronic material, grown on closely lattice-matched silicon substrates, namely, γ-CuCl on Si. This material system is compatible with ...
  • Structural and optoelectronic properties of sputtered copper(I) chloride 

    Bradley, Louise; Natarajan, Gomathi; O'Reilly, Lisa; Daniels, Stephen; Cameron, David C.; McNally, Patrick; Lucas, Olabanji; Reader, Alec; Mitra, Anirban (2005)
    Copper (I) Chloride is a wide band gap semiconductor with great potential for silicon-based optoelectronics due to the fact that is closely lattice matched with silicon. This work examines the deposition of CuCl thin films ...
  • The use of wide-bandgap CuCl on silicon for ultra-violet photonics 

    Bradley, Louise; O'Reilly, Lisa; Natarajan, Gomathi; McNally, Patrick; Daniels, Stephen; Lucas, Olabanji; Mitra, Anirban; Martinez-Rosas, Miguel; Reader, Alec; Cameron, David C. (2005)
    γ-CuCl is a wide-bandgap (Eg = 3.395eV), direct bandgap, semiconductor material with a cubic zincblende lattice structure. Its lattice constant, aCuCl = 0.541 nm, means that the lattice mismatch to Si (aSi = 0.543 nm) is ...