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  • Automatic Discovery and Geotagging of Objects from Street View Imagery 

    Kenny, Eamonn; Krylov, Vladimir; Dahyot, Rozenn (2018)
    Many applications, such as autonomous navigation, urban planning, and asset monitoring, rely on the availability of accurate information about objects and their geolocations. In this paper, we propose the automatic detection ...
  • Ethical Issues in the New Digital Era: The Case of Assisting Driving 

    Cahill, Joan; Kenny, Eamonn; Cromie, Samuel; Kay, Alison; Gormley, Michael (Intechopen, 2020)
    Mobility is associated with driving a vehicle. Age-related declines in the abilities of older persons present certain obstacles to safe driving. The negative effects of driving cessation on older adults’ physical, mental, ...
  • Wireless Indoor Resource Optimisation meeting Prescribed UserCapacity Requirements 

    Kenny, Eamonn; O Nuallain, Eamonn (2018)
    The optimal locations of transmitters in a building, that best meet the bandwidth requirements of all users, was studied in the past by a small number of authors. They used empirical path loss models to constrain an ...