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  • Collaboration-Preserving Authenticated Encryption for Operational Transformation Systems 

    Tewari, Hitesh; Hughes, Arthur (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2012)
  • Elements of an operator calculus 

    Hughes, Arthur (Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland). School of Mathematics, 2001)
    The operational calculus developed by the Irish School of the Vienna Development Method (VDM) has a life of its own independent of its applications. This thesis is interested in the operational calculus that arose from the ...
  • X509Cloud - Framework for a Ubiquitous PKI 

    Weber, Stefan; Tewari, Hitesh; Hughes, Arthur; Barry, Tomas (2017)
    The SSL protocol has been widely used for verifying digital identities and to secure Internet traffic since the early days of the web. Although X.509 certificates have been in existence for more than two decades, individual ...