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  • The economic and social implications of demographic change 

    Fahey, Tony; FitzGerald, John D.; Maitre, Bertrand (Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, 1998)
    This Society was founded in the midst of the population crisis caused by the Famine. No crisis on the scale of the Famine occurred again in the Society?s history, but various forms of demographic ?weakness?, such as high ...
  • Measuring the female labour supply: conceptual and procedural problems in Irish official statistics 

    Fahey, Tony (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1990)
    This paper examines some problems which reduce the usefulness of Irish labour statistics as measures of women's, particularly married women's, labour activities. These problems arise both at a conceptual level ? principally ...
  • State, family and compulsory schooling in Ireland 

    Fahey, Tony (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 1992)
    Legal sanctions to compel parents into sending their children more regularly to school were widely applied in Ireland from the 1920s to the 1950s, following which the practice declined substantially and changed in nature ...
  • Trends in Irish fertility rates in comparative perspective 

    Fahey, Tony (Economic & Social Research Institute, Dublin, 2001)
    This paper examines trends in Irish fertility rates over the past four decades in the context of fertility trends in developed countries generally. Irish fertility rates have stabilised at the upper edge of the European ...