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  • Nontrivial spatial dependence of the spin torques in L10 FePt-based tunneling junctions 

    Sanvito, Stefano; Galante, Mario; Ellis, Matthew O.A. (2019)
    We present an ab initio study of the spin-transfer torque in Fe/MgO/FePt/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions. We consider an FePt film with a thickness up to six unit cells, either in direct contact with the MgO spacer or with ...
  • Role of longitudinal fluctuations in L10 FePt 

    Sanvito, Stefano; Ellis, Matthew O.A.; Galante, Mario (American Physical Society (APS), 2019)
    L10 FePt is a technologically important material for a range of novel data storage applications. In the ordered FePt structure the normally nonmagnetic Pt ion acquires a magnetic moment, which depends on the local field ...