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  • An Agenda for a New Ireland 

    COLLINS, MICHEAL; Healy, Sean; Reynolds, Brigid (Social Justice Ireland, 2010)
    This Review presents a narrative outlining what happened over recent decades to bring Ireland to where it is today, where exactly Ireland finds itself now, where Ireland should go into the future and what it needs to do ...
  • Building a Fairer Taxation System: The Working Poor and the Cost of Refundable Tax Credits 

    COLLINS, MICHEAL (Social Justice Ireland, 2010)
    This study addresses two key issues in Irish social and economic policy. These are: (i) the need to reform and develop our taxation system so that it becomes fairer and; (ii)the need to address the issue of the `working ...
  • The Future of the Welfare State 

    COLLINS, MICHEAL (Social Justice Ireland, 2010)
    The welfare state is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end ? the wellbeing of all people. The future of the welfare state has been a topic of discussion and argument for more than 30 years on issues ranging from ...
  • Ireland's Tax Expenditure System: International Comparisons and a Reform Agenda - Studies in Public Policy No. 24 

    COLLINS, MICHEAL (Policy Institute, Trinity College Dublin, 2010)
    Tax Expenditures, also known as tax incentives or tax breaks, represent an infrequently explored and little understood area of Irish public policy. Despite this, they account for more than ?11 billion per annum in ...
  • Tax Expenditures: Revenue and Information Forgone - The Experience of Ireland 

    COLLINS, MICHEAL (Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin, 2011)
    Tax expenditures are perceived to represent a `pervasive and growing? (OECD, 2010) element of many national taxation systems. Despite this, in many countries, there remains a critical lack of understanding of their ...